Aluminum Straight Blade (Vane) Centralizer OMA021

Aluminum Straight Blade (Vane) CentralizerThese Centralizers are available in both ‘Short’ as well as ‘Long’ depending on their length.
Rigid centralizers can be installed on the casing with stop collars or with integral set screws. Installations that allow casing rotation and reciprocation are preferred because of improved displacement efficiency. Most slip-on rigid centralizers must be installed between stop collars and are free floating there between.
Straight Rigid Centralizers are specially designed with extra length to give maximum centralization. These Centralizers are available in one-piece corrosion resistant cast Aluminium These centralizers are available with or without set screws for eliminating of stop collars. The straight blades of these centralizers reduce casing drag and flow effect. They are designed for use in highly deviated and horizontal wells and act as bearing during pipe rotations.
They are available in all sizes ranging from 31/2″ to 133/8″.

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