Cement Baskets

Oilmec Cement Baskets assist in supporting an upper cement column at the time of cementing operations. The cement baskets, we have consists of both slip-on as well as hinged type.

The slip-on type and the hinged type cement basket can be normally installed between slip-on type stop collars or stop collar or hinged camp over the casing to hold them in a place.

We have basically two primary styles of cement baskets.

  • Slip-on Canvas Cement Basket
  • Slip-on Welded Cement Basket

Slip-on Canvas Cement Basket

Canvas cement baskets consist of heavy duty canvas liners and concentrated with high strength and flexible steel staves which are seated on the steel slip-on end collar.

They have the capability to help in premature cement hydration. This is to check hydro-static fluid column at the point of loss zone or weak formation.

The cement baskets are designed particularly so that it can be able to adapt in a remarkable way as used in most of all types of well, to the bore hole and can hold large than the nominal size of the holes.

These baskets are designed for installation between two stop collars. Hence, these does not meant to be reciprocated. But travels the length of the joint just to allow the pipe movement.

Slip-on Welded Cement Basket

Welded cement baskets are run on casing or liners at the point where porous or weak formation needs support to the cement column from the hydrostatic pressures, which is generated by cement column.

They are also useful in supporting cement column near the surface of the well while cement sets.

These Cement Baskets are easy to install around the casing. The bows are of convex shaped welded to both End Collars. They provide more strength and adaptability at the time of expansion and contraction.

These cement baskets are able to rotated and reciprocated.

The size used for all standard casing grades are available.

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