Hinged Welded Bow Spring Centralizer OM002

Hinged welded bow spring centralizerWelded Bow Spring Centralizer available in hinged are designed for high restoring force combined with low starting force for centralizing the casing pipe. High performance characteristics are combined with easy field assembly. Bow Spring Centralizer are manufactured of high quality alloy steel, hot bent to shape using dyes and then heat treated under controlled temp and time cycles for consistent spring characteristics to ensure a crack free weld with a minimum amount of distortion and maximum amount of rigidity. Collars are made of widened design for greater frame strength and to prevent bows hitting the casing The Centralizers have Bow Spring Centralizer strongly welded to the End Collar under required temperature and condition with extra low Hydrogen coated Electrodes. Integral hinge folded on the inside stay intact even under extreme stress. The End Collars are designed with a Reinforcing Rib stamped into the End Collar to give maximum structural toughness.

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