Joint Key Welded on Sleeve on centralizer OMJK001

Joint Key Welded on Sleeve on centralizerOilmec Stabilizer Joints are an another unique product that designed for reasons of economy and to reduce the cost for Stabilizing and centering the pipe. These Stabilizers Joints can use as Stabilizers and as well as Centralizers joints also; they can be welded directly on Pipe and on Sleeve for centralization. In drilling, Rock Bits are designed to rotate about their own centre. Stabilization assures that the bit will do this and thus cause the energies and forces exerted on it to be most efficiently utilized in an axial direction. Without stabilization, rough spiral bores ledges and other unconformity are obtained. The possibilities of crooked hole are enhanced. Drill steel rotating in these rough and crooked bores scrubs and scrapes against the bore wall and thereby abrades. This allows uniform loading and better distribution of explosives in the hole. This means more blasting efficiency and a reduction in secondary blasting. Theoretically, the guiding elements should have the same diameter as the bit. Unfortunately, this is not practical because of the normal attrition of rock bit gauge wear surfaces. The stabilizer should therefore be held at the largest diameter practicable. Concentricity of guiding elements with the axis of the bit and steel is also quite important to proper stabilization. Eccentricities of these elements tend to avoid any hope of reducing drilling costs with a stabilizer. Therefore, the Stabilizer that maintains guiding elements close to hole wall is most efficient

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