Polyamide Spiral Blade Solid Rigid Centralizer OMP023

Thermoplastic POLYAMIDE SPIRAL BLADE SOLID RIGID CENTRALIZERThermoplastic Solid Rigid Centralizers are made of special engineered polymer material to meet the various well conditions. This material has high abrasion resistance for maximum stand off and can withstand in wells having temperature upto 400° F temperature. It has low coefficient of friction and ultimate drag forces for performing excellent in deviated and horizontal wells. These centralizers are impact resistive having optimum tensile and yield strength.

The Vanes of these centralizers are designed to have improved hole cleaning by filter mud cake removal and enhanced localized turbulence for improved cementing.

These centralizers are provided with swage rings at both its ends to enhance strength. Straight or Spiral vanes are available for various requirements. These centralizers are also available with set screws to make it rotation free.

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