Rigid Bow Centralizers

Oilmec Rigid Bow Centralizers are made up of solid steel bars or cast iron. It has a fixed blade height and are specifically designed to fit a casing or hole size.

This centralizer is rugged and made suitable to work well even in deviated well-bores, despite of the side force.

Centralizers may be of two types. – Rigid Bow Centralizers – Semi-rigid Bow Centralizer

Rigid Bow Centralizers

During the pipe rotation, this ensures a guaranteed standoff function as bearings.

This helps in setting casing slips at the surface and allows cement completely surround casing for an adequate cement sheath.

By reducing the frictional force, they can provide much smoother running capability. This also helps in rotation and reciprocation.

Inside previous casing, they allows up to 95% standoff. No other can beat for efficient operation of numerous stage equipment. And also it gives a good reinforcement to the cement column.

Semi-rigid centralizer

Semi-rigid centralizer shows both the features of bow-spring as well as the rigid centralizers.

These are made of double crested bows. This double crested bow restores the exceed standard forces and hence, perform certain functions, generally associated with rigid centralizers.

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