Stop Collars

Oilmec has five primary styles of Stop Collars. The main motive of these stop collars is to keep centralizers and other casing attachment in proper place on the casing.

Oilmec offers both hinged and slip-on style of stop collars and are available in all sizes.

Features of hinged stop collars include:

  • The hinged stop collars, when properly installed can hold up to 7,000 lb. of force.
  • The hinged stop collar can be easily installed to casing.
  • Friction stop collar are used adequately when the condition of the well is normal.
  • Hinged set-screw stop collar are used for increasing holding force. It is first places and centered on the pipe. Then through the open hinge, a nail is installed, followed by tightening the set screw uniformly.
  • These are specifically designed to hold up to 15,000 lb of force.

Features of slip-on stop collars include:

  • Onto the end of casing, slip-on set-screw stop collar is slipped to the desired location, up to the top of the joint.
  • Slip-on set-screw stop collar are then tightened around 35 ft-lbf.
  • The force that slip-on set-screw stop collar can hold is up to 20,000 lb.
  • These are specifically designed foe the installation of cement baskets and different designed centralizers as well as for close-tolerance liner jobs and are available in all casing sizes.

As per requirement, for tight clearances, slip-on stop collar are available where as for semi-tight clearances, hinged stop collar are available.

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